The Huatai Difference

Environmental Impact
Huatai USA is an environmentally responsible company. As the subsidiary of an ISO14001 Chinese paper company that recycles over 1.2mm tons of secondary fiber per year, Huatai USA strives to be an environmentally supportive role model in the USA. Waste Paper is a valuable raw material. Paper products that are made using Waste Paper are far less of a burden on the environment than are paper products made from virgin fibers. Promoting recycling programs and purchasing recycled products will advance environmental responsibility for future generations.

Recycling one ton of paper translates into saving:
  17 mature pulp-producing trees
78.75 gallons of oil
700 gallons of water
41000 Kilowatt hours of energy

Partnership with Shandong Huatai
Our partnership with Shandong Huatai Paper Group is unique in that it allows our suppliers to deal directly with the China market, with the ease of a domestic transaction. This partnership provides buying power that ensures competitive prices as well as mutually rewarding long term contracts for our suppliers. Because our Mill is one of the largest buyers of waste paper in Asia and is committed to the US market with on-site personnel, we strive to develop close personal relationships with suppliers. Huatai USA will buy and move your products in both strong and weak waste paper markets

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